Corrie Ten Boom Quote“There are no ‘if’s’ in God’s world. And no places that are safer than other places. The center of His will is our only safety – let us pray that we may always know it!”
― Corrie Ten Boom

The center of His will. Sometimes it’s hard to accept. We can’t see the entire picture the creator designed. Only tiny bits and pieces are visible, so we continue walking blindly by nothing but faith and trust. It’s one step at a time and It’s hard. It hurts. To be honest, right now, I hate it. Every step is painful and feels treacherous.

But I know.

I know His goodness and grace. I’ve experienced the sweet peace from existing right where I belong- in the center of His will. My mind says, “Yes, it’s where I want to be because in the end the victory will be worth the battle fought.” All while my heart screams, “It hurts! Make it stop!”

Yet in all this, I’m thankful for His mercy. I see it. I see it inside the memories I have. I see it inside the compassion of others who are willing to pray for me. And, by the way, prayer is the best gift you will ever give or receive – To approach the throne of The Living God for another soul is sacred and not to be taken lightly.

As hard as my battle is, I’m willing to fight. I need to keep going because God has a place for me inside the center of His will. He expects me to reside there. He has a purpose and a plan  not only to work for me, but more importantly, to work through me. And your place is saved there as well- right smack dab in the center. He wants to use you. Our faith is supernatural, divine weaponry that can be used to help change hearts through love. His love.

I want to love well.

I realize that as long as I continue hating the steps of faith because they hurt, that I am delaying the through process. Last week I received and email from a reader. She said, “Remain faithful and courageously accept what God has allowed to happen” courageously accept. Wow. Those are powerful words.

He has a through process for my life and I must be brave. In fact, I’ve been working for the last six months on a book all about the through process. And now the rubber is meeting the road. I’m putting my faith into action. And even though it is completely unlike me, I’m doing it through tears.

You need to know this:

  • If you hear me speak, expect some tears. I’m staying in the center.
  • If you catch a glance of me during worship somewhere, expect some tears. I’m staying in the center.
  • If you read my blog, expect that tears have covered the keyboard where it was written. I’m staying in the center.

And you must stay in the center as well.

I’m praying that today you will feel His mercy and His call to reside in the center of His will. I pray that though it may hurt, you will see the through process at work deep inside you. I pray you become more alive to knowing that others are watching you because they need to feel they are not alone. I pray you will be brave. And choosing to stay in the center is choosing just that: brave.


Ready and


Vying for

Everything God wants to do in your heart and through your life.



PS: We still have some day passes available for The Mercy Retreat. And if you are holding out hope of coming for the weekend, you can contact me and I can see if Antiochian Village Conference Center has any rooms available to sell. I would love to see you.




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