Today is Five Minute Friday with Kate Motaung! Lisa-Jo recently handed the baton to Kate to host FMF. The idea is to write for 5 minutes without editing. Just write. Today’s word prompt is change.


N.C. Mountain photoWe all face changes in life. Usually, they happen slowly over the process of time. We ease into aging and quietly embrace the inevitable. We learn to enjoy each moment and count our 1,000 gifts with hope.

However, sometimes, change happens quickly. The rug is ripped out and the world we live in refuses to stop. We are forced to go on with life while fighting the desperation to rewind our circumstances. We want nothing more than to reclaim what was once identified as normal. And we can’t…

On July 16th, my life, and the lives of my family, changed forever when my wonderful stepfather went home to be with the Lord from a sudden heart attack. He was only 58 years old. There were no real warning signs. We never had the chance to say goodbye.

And then life kept moving and change swept us up.

Today, life looks completely different than anything I’ve ever known. But God…

  • I know God is with us inside the changes.
  • I know when we are swept up with change, we are also swept up into His arms.
  • I understand He has a plan and purpose for everything and everyone under heaven.
  • I’m choosing to trust in the midst of  change.

Today, I’m praying that you will trust inside change as well. When grief consumes and change calls, I pray you will allow our Lord and Savior to wrap you up in peace. I pray you will remember that you have purpose, even inside the changes of life. And, I want you to know that though the change might hurt, it doesn’t mean it can’t be used for His glory. All things can be used to give Him glory and fulfill the purpose He has for you.

I know you can find grace inside His change.

Yesterday, I tweeted this: Grief has a way of opening the eyes to what’s important. Grace has a way of allowing one to see the upside of grief.

What I mean is that with Jesus, we can always find hope in what seems hopeless. And when Christ is in it, every negative includes a positive. Jesus is in the change, friends. He is in this. I know He is…

Have a beautiful weekend.



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