First day of school photoThis morning, I walked into a classroom of kindergarteners on their first day of school. I stood with the other parents watching the little ones find their desks and glance at new faces. Some were timid while others were bold. As I looked at the other parents in the room, I knew we all had the same thought in our minds. We want our children to be loved.

Authentic, unconditional love. We need it and we plead desperate cries to God asking that our children receive it. And do you know why? Because we were created for it.

We were created to love and be loved.

  • Love requires giving without expectations of receiving something in return.
  • Love requires bravery in knowing we won’t always be loved back.
  • Love requires an honest heart to render grace to those who seem undeserving.

It seems an impossibility to love anyone with this type of godly love. This is because as we grow from sweet children to wounded adults, we experience heartache from those who weren’t sure how to love. We somehow get lashed with pain from people who were never loved themselves. It’s a cycle.

I believe we can make a difference by not only showing the love of Christ, but by teaching it to our children first.

  • Instead of retaliation, redirection.
  • Instead of walls, windows.
  • Instead of jealousy, Jesus.

To love with humility necessitates an understanding that we are loved with holy love. We first need to accept the love which was poured out in the form of a savior on a cross, and then learn to live in His presence on this side of Heaven.

We were all made to love. So let us love well.

You were loved by Him first, friend.

  • No matter how you feel, you are loved!
  • No matter who has hurt you, you are loved.
  • No matter what worries you face, you are loved with holy love.

No one can ever take His love from you. Now go pour it out on someone else and teach your children to do the same.

You were made for love.





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