SailboatOnce again, I’ve been thinking a lot about comparison…

It’s so widespread among women. The one everyone deems beautiful wants to look like the model in the magazine. She doesn’t see her beauty and has no idea of her worth. Meanwhile, the woman sitting next to her watches as she flips through a copy of Vogue. She’s unable to believe that the beautiful woman in the next chair would wish for anything in that book. She’s already perfect.

Upside down and inside out we wage war against ourselves. There is no balance. We want all or nothing. And it’s not just our complexions, hair colors, and scale numbers we compare. No, we aren’t satisfied with our gifts either. We want to write like another writer, sing like another singer, run like another runner. And then there’s the “things.” Materialistic status stabilizers like designer clothes, fancy purses, and the newest technological splurges that might make us “fit in.” And the keyword in the previous sentence is might.

Then there are those who want to become friends with ones who are more successful in hopes that the “in crowd’ will finally include the “outsider.” What we don’t realize is that those who already seem to be part of the “in crowd” rarely feel like they reside there.

The other day I saw an interview with Taylor Swift. This isn’t an exact quote, but she said something similar to, “Selling millions of albums doesn’t necessarily make you feel like you belong.” I was impressed because those are words people need to here. You see, it’s about where you are right now. It’s not about who you could possibly become, or how much success you might achieve. It isn’t about changing your hair color, getting your teeth whitened, or dieting for an unrealistic number on the scale. It’s about putting stock in today. Where are you right now? What do you have to offer in this moment?

If we don’t find a certain amount of contentment today, not even perfect hair, whiter teeth, and a tiny body will make tomorrow any better.

There are many talented and successful artists, creators, and entrepreneurs who wish they had as much talent and knowledge as the next door neighbor. And many beautiful, skinny women all over the world go to bed lonely at night.

Your appearance, gifts, and life was given to you by a Father in heaven who loves you more than you’ll ever know. You need to use what He’s given YOU.

Do you realize that you don’t have to wish for what you already own? Today, right now, in this moment remember that Jesus has a plan and purpose for you. The only real change you will ever benefit from making is the choice to serve Him deeper and follow Him harder.

Friend, please be you. Don’t compare yourself. You will never have what they have and they will NEVER have what you have! Live out all the amazing that God created in YOU. The world needs to see YOUR purpose. They need YOUR face, YOUR voice, YOUR gift.

When you use your gifts for Him, you give Him glory. Bring Him glory today!

You have worth because Christ is worthy. Please don’t devalue who you are and worship the woman next to you. Keep your eyes on Jesus, worship Him alone, and pursue the life He has for YOU. It’s lovelier than you know…







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