Deuteronomy PromiseI’m a passionate person. There is no denying it. When I’m in, I’m ALL in.

Recently, God put on my heart that when I’m teaching my women’s Bible study I need to deeply encourage each person to study on their own time. I cannot stress the importance of taking time to open the Bible outside of church or small group studies. Sometimes, as a busy society, we depend too much on the church, or our mentors, to teach us rather than take ownership of our Christianity by searching the Word of God ourselves.

Jesus cannot become real to us unless we draw near to Him. We must get to know who He is. Each of us has the opportunity to open up the pages of the Bible and dive into His story, His thoughts, His life… So, I’ve been studying Him more and more as I prepare to teach who He is.

I’ve not been silent when it comes to the topic of grieving. Right now, I’m taking life one day at a time. I started crying in the check-out line at Sam’s Club yesterday, and let me tell you, that is NOT my personality. I was doing nothing but setting my items on the belt when tears began to spill. However, the scriptures that I’m pouring into my heart and head are beginning to speak to me like an old friend. I’m receiving encouragement and support through the Word of God. The history of the people who are covered throughout the pages in that wonderful book are giving me hope, and through it, God is showing me that I can do this.

I can because He will!

Today, I want to encourage you to find five minutes to open up your Bible. Just five minutes. You don’t need to read chapters and chapters at one sitting. There is no need to trace the Greek and Hebrew meanings. You do not have to be a scholar. I’m certainly not.

You only need a willing heart and open mind. By diving into the Word, you allow the Holy Spirit freedom to speak. He will encourage you. He will prove that you can because He will.

Open up that book today, friends.



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