doughnut muffins_nHey Friends. It’s Monday. I know… If I could, I would share a delicious Brown Buttered Snickerdoodle Doughnut Muffin with Brown Buttered Buttercream Frosting! (Say that three times fast!) We would have a heart-to-heart and enjoy a cup of coffee together.

I pinned the Brown Buttered Doughnut Muffins months ago and finally made them last Friday night. Because, you know, it’s not like I’m doing a television interview in a week. I’m sure they can’t be anything more than a mere eighteen billion calories a piece. I won’t say how many I’ve eaten!

Have you ever seen the Friends episode when they are watching the video of Monica in her prom dress? She was heavier at the time and as she sees herself she says, “Hey, the camera adds ten pounds!” To which Chandler replies, “How many cameras were on you?!?” Let’s just say that I’m claiming at least two cameras!

On a more serious note, I’m so happy that I’ve learned my true identity is in Christ. If my jeans don’t button today, it means nothing. Who I am in Christ tells the story of my life, and living to please Him is what makes me whole.

You are beautiful! Your relationship with the Creator tells an awesome story. It’s power-filled and hope covered. It’s full of faith and victory! You are loved! So, go ahead, treat yourself to something sweet with a cup of coffee or tea. Open up the word and remind yourself of the awesome God you serve and the beautiful identity you have in Him.

Give your burdens to Him and be free!

Happy Monday!



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