broken piecesThere is often a misrepresentation of what is considered a “successful life.” We feel forced to post happy pictures and clever status updates. We need to be viewed as people who have it all together, but the problem is that many of us cannot define “it” and are working to make sense of what feels broken. Even worse, too many of us are trying to make the broken pieces reconnect all by ourselves. As if we have the answers.

From the inside out, every broken piece matters.

Every raw wound, gray hair, and wrinkle on your face that may have come from the grief of despair is valuable. It’s worth more than silver or gold. The tears you’ve cried have been collected in a bottle by the God who deems the broken whole and all life successful.

Your broken pieces have been designed to create the beautiful life you are meant to live. Every time you seek God through your difficulties, those broken pieces are filtered like the finest water and refined through a fire that renews the soul and transfers peace.

Your broken pieces are an offering.

Though you’ve been put through the fire, and even though you smell like smoke, there isn’t a mark on you. You’re okay. You are going to be okay. One day at a time, breath at a time, slow hot-to-the-cheek tear at a time, you’re figuring out that the broken pieces in your life are equivalent to the will of God for your soul, and you sing praise.

You offer precious gifts because they come in the form of a life well lived. One that isn’t easy, but one that causes your Creator to smile because of your fortitude to forge ahead for His glory.

Your broken pieces are beautiful, friend. They have worth. They work together for good, and make you whole on a level you would not know if they had never existed.

Blessed are the broken.

Take courage.

Take heart.

Your broken pieces matter.



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