Many of us confuse purpose with platform. We think if we aren’t doing something that the rest of the world, or at least our immediate circle, considers crazy amazing, we aren’t living with specific purpose.

Women are unique in the respect that an overwhelming amount of us are designed as nurturers. We are compassion giving, reach out a hand and pull up a sister, type of community driven people. It’s part of our birthright to rock the position of multitaskers while possessing the superpower of being able to give hope in a single word or deed. The problem is that most of us feel we’ve lost purpose in the midst of changing diapers and going to a job where we are forced to choose between furthering a career while pulling off Pinterest perfection at home. In our society, balance is a lost art and the need for platform is secretly choking the life out of the term sisterhood.

Friend, purpose is intentional and it’s lived in small, silent, moments when no one is watching but God Himself. It’s not about how “big” we do something and who sees it; it’s what we do that goes unnoticed that becomes the anthem of our lives. The smallest and sometimes most insignificant seconds become sacred.

The ability to truly grasp purpose means learning not to despise what seems small.

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In the Old Testament we learn of a minor prophet by the name of Zechariah. It’s important to know the Minor Prophets are not considered minor because of their messages, but because of the brevity of their books. Anyway, Zechariah was called to minister the word of the Lord as a source of comfort and encouragement after the Jerusalem residents returned from Babylonian exile. He delivered a message regarding the importance of faithfulness in times of difficulty, while encouraging rebuilding the temple.

Throughout the process, though the temple was incomplete, there were many who felt disappointed. It by no means met the grandness of Solomon’s temple.  In fact, it paled in comparison. Little did they know, the holy place which seemed lacking in exquisite beauty would be the cause of great rejoicing.  The Messiah Himself would enter inside that place.

Would you please turn with me to Zechariah 4:10?  In this passage, the word of the Lord is speaking:

“…For who has despised the day of small things? For these seven rejoice to see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel. They are the eyes of the Lord, which scan to and fro throughout the whole earth.”

-Zechariah 4:10

If we were focusing on the book of Zechariah alone, we would be digging deep in this verse. But, for today, I want to focus on the question, “For who has despised the day of small things?”

If you are anything like me, you can easily confuse daily, casual encounters with others, making dinner for the family, or reading your kids a story as part of monotony. But, when we put on spiritual spectacles, we can see purpose inhaling and exhaling in every moment. We can demonstrate the love of God to others in every seemingly insignificant circumstance. The daily map of land we follow leads us through “small moments” which eventually draws us to encounter larger moments. Our day-in-day-out routines push us to experience purpose.

Purpose is found in tucking our kids into bed at night, and being kind to the person who seems least deserving. It’s no less significant than those who preach to thousands in a stadium, win an award for best worship song of the year, or holds a six-plus figure salary position.

What you do in every moment matters, and don’t ever believe the familiar voice in your head telling you it doesn’t.

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Today’s homework: Make a list of three “small” things you did today and write down the purpose accomplished in each task. Did it make someone smile, did it contribute to their health and welfare. (Meaning: did you feed them or give them a bath?) Maybe you had a conversation with a friend on the phone making them laugh so hard it served as medication for a weary soul. After you’ve thought it through, share something about your list on social media. Maybe take a picture of it or write about the task. Encourage someone else in their purpose and use the hashtag #ActivatingYourPurpose so that we can find each other! And just so you know, I’m participating in all of these homework assignments as well!

Do not despise small things, they mean more than you know!



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