Study Overview: Today, we will talk about remembrance on the journey to awakening holiness.

Key Point of Struggle: We often forget past miracles when we need brand new healing.

Key Proof of Comfort: Psalm 77

Today, I work to find words as He works within me. I struggle for breath as His faithfulness breathes new life. I sit and stare seeing nothing at all, yet He sees everything. In truth, my wondering is His wonderful, and my frustrations are His familiar.

Holiness requires remembrance.

To be holy is to be set apart, sanctified with purpose. Over the last few weeks we’ve discussed repentance, revelation, and refocus as we strive to become holy people of God, but there’s something about our human flesh that wants to relock what’s already been unlocked. We forget miracles we’ve already experienced, and if we aren’t careful our spiritual amnesia will lead us to delay, or even forgo, what’s meant to come.

I want to walk in the fullness of what it means to be holy, and I can’t do it with all these clouds in my head.

Friend, I don’t talk to you about anything other than what’s going on in my own heart. Because of that, it’s important you know what I’m fighting on my own journey, and at the same time, I want to share what I’m remembering along the way.

  • When I say I’m working to find words, it’s true. However, spiritual knowledge tells me He never stops working inside me.
  • Grief wants to steal my breath, and yet He continues resuscitating me with His Spirit.
  • I stare at the picture of my loss and He sees my gain.
  • I wonder how He’s going to right all the wrongs in my life, and He sits wonderful on His throne.
  • My frustrations are familiar to Him, and I believe he wants to remind me of what He’s done thus far. It’s His way of giving me hope for tomorrow.

I need hope for tomorrow. You too?

As we move toward the Christmas season of hope continuing to hold fast on our journey of holiness, we must remember His ways. In Psalm 77 the Psalmist writes about remembering the ways of the Lord. It’s interesting to see the transformation of the writer from beginning to end. I want to encourage you to read this Psalm in its entirety, and then write down one major breakthrough you’ve experienced in your life due to the faithfulness of the living God. Remind yourself of your own personal miracle as you pray expectantly for what you need right now. Hold onto His faithfulness as you journey for holiness. May repentance, revelation, refocus, and remembrance of all He’s done awaken a fresh yearning for holiness within you.

Lastly, remember this:  He loves you wholly with holy love.



PS: We will have a new Word for Your Weekend Video to end our series. I will also announce something brand new for Christmas!

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