The Struggle to Live a Still Life (An October Series)

The Struggle to Live a Still LifeTo be still in God doesn’t mean we can’t move ahead. It doesn’t mean we can’t pursue dreams and passions placed deeply inside our souls. Being still in His presence actually means moving within it. it’s about stepping forward at His pace and never our own.

The gravity of the sun is what keeps the planets in orbit. Its force holds them in perfect rotation around it. Imagine if we, the living stones of Christ, stayed rotating around the S-O-N, trusting the force of an all powerful God to keep us right where we are supposed to be.

Too often we end up like meteors: dead rocks falling from the sky lit up with our own pride. Sure, it looks pretty for a time, but all we’re really doing is flailing around of our own free will in submission to nothing. And then we crash hard. Proverbs 16:18 tells us that pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Over the next 31 days, I want to talk about the courage it takes to live in His stillness, and the faith it takes to let His will remain in the center. I want us to discuss being living stones, using our gifts for His glory. I’m praying for connection, conversation, and a reawakening of passion in each heart who reads this series.

Friend, when trust and faith are out of balance, stillness is incomprehensible.

For the entire month of October, we are going to journey our way to the sweet spot of stillness. It’s a place that gives God glory and satisfies our souls all at the same time.

What do the words be still mean to you?



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Day One: The Struggle to Live a Still Life (An October Series)

Day Two: The Ugly “S” Word

Day Three: The Day I Fell Out of the Raft (Literally)

Day Four: For When the Break Isn’t Clean

Day Five: You Have the Ability to Soar in Stillness

Day Six: Because Stillness and Condemnation Don’t Mix

Day Seven: Finding the Still Inside the Storm

Day Eight: Stillness Requires Vision

Day Nine: Confronting Brokenness Leads to Stillness

Day Ten: Stillness Begins in the Heart

Day Eleven: Stillness Requires a Heart Willing to Respond

Day Twelve: Because Stillness Doesn’t Always Feel Still

Day Thirteen: The Act of Standing in Stillness

Day Fourteen: Stillness Requires Commitment

Day Fifteen: Stillness Demands Steadfast Faith

Day Sixteen: Stillness and the Emotional Dam

Day Seventeen: Stillness and the Hummingbird

Day Eighteen: Stillness Requires Boldness

Day Nineteen: Stillness and Listening to the Plan for YOUR Life, Not Hers…

Day Twenty: The Primary Offender of Stillness

Day Twenty-One: We Are All in Process

Day Twenty-Two: The Day Fear Dropped Me Off in Crazy Town

Day Twenty-Three – The Incompatibility of Stillness and Control

Day Twenty-Four: Jumping the Wake

Day Twenty-Five: Because We All Need Friends

Day Twenty-Six: We Need to Practice Stillness

Day Twenty-Seven: So Much of the “Still Life” Boils Down to Choice

Day Twenty-Eight: Going with the Flow

Day Twenty-Nine: For When God Seems Still

Day Thirty: How Waiting Can Lead to Stillness

Day Thirty-One – The Struggle to Live a Still Life… The Conclusion




  1. To me, “still” means pushing the pause button and just letting things soak in a bit, rather than always pushing forward and pressing on. Looking forward to reading your series! (Hi #write31days neighbor!)

  2. Can’t wait to follow along! Being still is hard for me, so maybe I can learn a few things! To me, being still means turning off my own ideas and expectations (and ideally following God’s)

  3. I am a Martha with a Mary heart. Even when I am physically still, my mind is racing. To me, to be still means quieting my heart and mind and receiving all that He has for me. Sometimes I run ahead. So looking forward to reading!

  4. This us great, Jennifer. Have you read Emily P. Freeman’s book Simply Tuesday? I think you would enjoy it.

  5. Being still before the Lord to me means just that, being still letting my mind and my heart be quiet before the Lord, so that He can fill me to overflowing with His love and His goodness. It is sitting quietly before the Lord, reading His Word and taking in all that God has for me. It’s so hard in this fast paced life to be still before the Lord, but as a mom and a wife, I have to take that time for just God and I.

  6. Still is what I wish my constantly fluttering heart would remain, my dashing thoughts would stay, my trembling spirit would be. I’m looking forward to quieting my soul this stressful month while meditating on this with you. Thank you!

    • Hello, Lea Ann. I know. It’s all too easy to lose focus and allow our thoughts to escape out of a still place before Him. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!

  7. I have long been wrestling with stillness, and I’m excited to journey through it with you this month! Stillness means peace to me: glorious, incomprehensible peace, emanating from the core of me. It’s a kind only Jesus can give.

  8. Debra Bacon says:

    Stillness is that precious quiet time with Jesus. A time which seems to stop the moving of the everyday and deep calls to deep. I recently have had my quiet time, or stillness disturbed by circumstances beyond my control. It shows in my attitude, actions and reactions. Desperately searching for the “new” way God sees our time of stillness together. Looking forward to your series. (I’m taking the #write31days challenge for the first time. Hoping it will lead me to the new normal-stillness-with Him).

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