One hundred twenty days until the “big day.”  I have no idea how I want this seemingly momentous occasion to be celebrated.  Do I want a party, a vacation, or a quiet dinner with the people closest to me?  Or, do I want to curl up in my favorite PJ’s in front of a sappy chick flick with Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream and let the day go by unnoticed?  I have absolutely no clue.  I know of someone who recently had a princess ball for her “big day.”  Right now, I don’t really feel like a princess.  Doesn’t age 40 move you into the queen category?  I’m not so crazy about the negative connotations that come along with being a queen.  They are known as wicked and OLD…  Yes, I need help.

So, as I am trying to figure out exactly how I want this “big day” to unfold, I begin reminiscing of birthdays gone by.  The first birthday where I felt like an adult was my 20th.  Why, you ask? …Because a short six weeks prior to that birthday, I became a mommy.  I was high on life with my husband and beautiful baby boy.  We were young, penniless, and on top of the world!  Don’t you find it ironic how the simplest of times are the sweetest of times?  Those simple days were pure bliss: biting- into-warm-chocolate-molten-cake kind of bliss (Yes, I’m still on a diet.)  We were young with our entire future ahead of us.  Nothing could stop us!  Well, for awhile anyway…  We’ll save those details for another day.

Hey, anyone have any fantabulous “big day” ideas???

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