One hundred seventeen days left, and I have one word for you: exercise.  I, like probably most of the human race, have a love-hate relationship with exercise.  I love the way my body slims down when I take the time to work out, yet I hate working out!  I know people who are addicted to exercise.  They reach a euphoric place.  Exercise refuses to take me there.  Shoe shopping takes me there.  One therapeutic quality about shoe shopping is it does not matter how big the behind or muffin top is, the shoes will still fit!  It’s a beautiful thing.

BADGLEY MISCHKA, BABY :)When I turned 39 years old, I decided since I had only one year to go until age 40, I better make exercise part of my regular routine.  I’m not as consistent as I should be, but I’m more consistent than I’ve ever been.  Recently I had to take a little break from exercise due to yet another situation that made me feel overwhelmingly middle-aged.  I was working out to a popular exercise DVD where jumping is required.  While in the process of landing from my jump, I felt something drop inside.  At that point I noticed I was…  (Sorry if this is TMI, but I’m trying to communicate honestly) leaking.  You guessed it.  My bladder decided to drop just a little causing me to pee my pants.  After a visit to my doctor, I learned I had a prolapsed bladder that does not yet require surgery.  When it comes to my body, whether it’s on the outside or inside, all kinds of things are dropping.

It’s amazing how the body changes with time.  You know what?  The soul changes as well.  Over the last year or so as I have been pondering all of these changes within my body, I’ve had a revelation.  While our bodies might be aging in some adverse ways, as we grow older our souls should be changing in a positive manner.  I am a Christian.  This means as I walk though life my desire is to follow Christ.  I want to be more like Him, and therefore, though my body will eventually turn to dust, my soul belongs to Him.  I’m striving for more than what appears on the outside.  I want my soul to shine through.  These changes have been induced by a different type of exercise.  I have had to live and learn how to make Christ-like choices in the worst of times.  I’ve had to be spiritually disciplined.  Tomorrow I will begin to blog the introduction to my book and give you a glimpse of the “exercise” that saved me from grief.

I am so appreciative to all who have been reading my posts.  I cannot thank you enough.  That being said, either hit the power button on your computer, or close the lid to the laptop.  Get some exercise or go shoe shopping… whatever floats your boat.

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