Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

One hundred seven days…

It is fall, and I love it!  The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing color, and bonfires mingled with friends and laughter are in full swing.  I love to bake in the fall.  I have an obsession with pumpkin-flavored desserts… yum.

Something about this beautiful season causes me to reflect back on my school years.  Today, I was remembering high school, and all the carefree days spent laughing with friends. We had no real responsibility other than to grow up.  Not that life wasn’t without its growing pains. Adolescence is full of insecurities I would never want to revisit.  Something I absolutely never want to revisit are my famous do-it-yourself-hair-dye-projects.  Bleached out brittle white hair with dark brown roots was not a good look on me.  Aqua Net hairspray… need I say more?  Something I would love to revisit is my teenage metabolism.   I would eat every pumpkin dessert known to man if I could have that back.

80's Hair

80’s Hair

As I slowly blog some of my book, there will be days in between when I simply talk about what is on my mind in any given moment.  Much of what I’m about to share in the coming weeks is a bit downcast, especially if you are living through a similar situation right now, so I think we need to take it slowly.  I will be posting another chapter soon.

Hmmm I wonder how many of my high school friends were waiting for me to pull out an embarrassing moment?  Is anybody squirming?  LOL

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