One hundred four days…

I’m feeling sick at heart as I write today.  I just read a testimony, with a picture attached, that a missionary posted regarding a woman they found lying on the street in the slums of Africa.  They took her for medical attention, but there was nothing the physicians could do to heal the state of her physical condition.  She is dying.  According to the missionary, her spiritual condition is not much better.  I don’t mean to sound dismal today, but when I read the accounts of what happens in this world, it serves as a reality check for me.

Who cares if I’m going to be 40?  I have a home where I am safe and warm, a family I love, and more than enough of everything I need.  I try to invest into other lives, but am I really doing enough?  Is it possible for any of us to do enough?  I realize not all of us are called to Africa.  God has not called me to be a missionary to third world countries.  However, there is a still a lot to be done in this country.  Is my contribution adequate in the site of God?

Last week at our small group, someone brought up the end of the movie Schindler’s List.  They spoke of how heartfelt it was for the character to express they could have done more; they could have saved more.  Oh, to have a heart focused on others!

But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.  (Matthew 9:36)  N.K.J.

Jesus has so much compassion for us.  How much compassion do I have?  Not nearly enough.  It makes me sad to think how much more I could do and don’t.  This isn’t a lecture for you.  It’s a lecture for me. I’m venting. Sometimes God is nudging me.  I won’t ever share anything with you that is not something I’ve worked on or am working on in my own life.

My goal for today is to be a blessing to someone.  I might not be able to travel to Africa, but I can show the love of God to someone who needs it.  I can demonstrate compassion.  I can do more…

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