Seventy-eight days…

I’ve been watching the continuing news coverage reporting the aftermath of the hurricane.  What completely stopped me in my tracks and kept me riveted to the television this morning were the lifesaving efforts of medical staff who evacuated premature babies from the NICU.  Imagining the fear of parents at home taking care of the rest of their family’s needs preparing for hurricane Sandy, while wondering what was happening to the life of their infant in the hospital, is heart wrenching.  There is no power, no telephone, no way to know if your baby, who is fighting for life under the best of circumstances, will survive the worst of conditions.

It’s a shame how it takes a catastrophic event to put life into perspective.  The upcoming election and all the depravity that travels in the political world has been on the lips, minds, and hearts of just about every person in this country.  We vilify one another in hopes of proving our point.  I like a healthy debate as much as the next person, but the political wind and waves seem to whip and crash much closer to shore than ever before.  As a result, relationships are sometimes completely destroyed.  Social media is responsible for transcending courage to the meekest of personalities, and fingers are clicking the de-friend button with lightning speed.  If only we could find a way to pour out that same type of passion in prayer and focus of monetary provision regarding the recent devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  If only we could always think and feel with our hearts toward the human race instead of ripping people apart based on their belief systems.

I’m choosing to pray.  I will pray for those who have nowhere to live and not enough resources to allot them comfort stemming from financial certainty.  I will pray not just for the babies who have fought extra hard in the midst of the hurricane, but also for the babies in the NICU’s all throughout this country.  I will pray for the leaders and future leaders of this great nation we call the United States of America.

I most certainly have an opinion based on the presidential candidates.  It is important to me, and I will vote my conscience.  But, I won’t be sharing what that opinion is while touting one candidate over the other via the internet.  I will be praying for both sides.  I am more than ever thankful I serve a sovereign God.  Regardless of the storms of nature or the political storms we face, God will take care of His children.  I urge you to press in and pray with faith and without fear.

Jeremiah 29:13

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

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