Thirty-nine days…

Well, this is it.  I’m down to the last thirty-nine days of my thirty-ninth year.  Ever since I began writing this blog on September 19th, I’ve reflected about many things in my life.  So far in my short thirty-nine years, I’ve been blessed to see many prayers answered.  These answers are nothing short of miracles; God continues to show Himself faithful.  Recently, we’ve been praying for a family member in need of a very big answer to prayer.  Today we received amazingly good news.  When we seek the truth of the living God, He proves to us there is nothing He cannot do.  In His time, according to His will, He paves the way.  Situations sometimes seem unfair and unjust.  Worries penetrate our minds like blankets of fog that cast shadows of darkness.  In those overly anxious moments, our vision becomes impaired, and we have a difficult time keeping our eyes on the One True Hope.  When times become dismal, we must remember His goodness.

I had a conversation today with my mother-in-law about the faithfulness of God.  Sometimes we go from one problem to the next, and while trudging through the new trial, we forget the deliverance we’ve previously received.  In my book, I call those short memory lapses, “transference of burdens.”  We have to remember to give Him our burdens and never take them back.  We cannot go through our Christian walk starting back at square one and transferring our fearful state of mind to the next big trial in life.  We cannot forget His faithfulness.  He came to give us freedom from our burdens.

2 Corinthians 3:17
Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. (N.K.J.V)

When you choose to make room for God in your life, He resides within you.  Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!  Rejoice in your freedom, give Him your burdens, cast off worry, and remember His faithfulness of old.  Halleluiah!  We serve a faithful God!

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