Cancun BeachThirty-seven days…

Wow, time is ticking!  My vacation is booked, and there’s no turning back.  The door to 40 will soon be flinging wide.  I’m pretty sure I will walk through smiling.  But, just in case, I will be sure to have lots of Kleenex on hand.  I’m trying to learn some Spanish in preparation for the trip.  Yesterday while channel surfing, “Dora the Explorer” was on television.  I couldn’t understand half of what she said, which leads me to believe my Spanish studying isn’t going as well as I would like.  Oh well, since I plan on splurging on calories and fat for my birthday, I think the words taco, burrito, and nachos will suffice.

It is a process to learn to let go of things, even age.  I also dreaded my thirties when they first began.  They started out painful, yet became a celebration of life.  I was forced to say goodbye to my dear grandmothers in my thirties.  However, I also said hello to new life and true joy.  We moved across the country back to our roots.  We started all over again, and it was the best decision we could have made.  We reconnected with amazing friends from our past, and began new adventures with brand new friends.  I guess the largest reason for which I want to hang on to my thirties is because they have been wonderful, truly wonderful.  I am blessed.  Since I cannot freeze time, I guess I have no choice but to cross over the next big threshold of my life.  I trust in God, and I know He is going to provide another amazing decade.  There is no doubt that the upcoming years will bring new trials and fresh tears.  Our journeys are full of them.  But, as long as tears of frustration and sadness mingle closely with those of joy and peace, then all is well.

I intend to be thankful for this new beginning.  Each new breath is a gift that represents hope.  I’ve heard it said, “Where there is life, there is hope.”  Since our great God is the Giver of Life and the ONLY Hope, I’m excited to see what He holds for me.  And, you know what?  You don’t have to be turning a milestone age to be excited for what God is holding for you!  Every morning when you open your eyes, you have opportunity for new life and new hope.  Life is too short to be worried about silly things like turning 40.  (Please remind me of this post as my birthday approaches.)

I’ve decided to spend the rest of my thirties doing exactly what I have already been doing.  I’m going to continue spending time with family and friends.  I’m working on trying my hardest to worry less and realize joy.  I want to continue laughing with the people I love to laugh with the most, and praise God for every single thing in life.  Here is to 37 more days until the big day! Hip, Hip, Hooray!  Adiós!


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