prettyinpink1-thumbA couple of months ago I had some friends over to play games. Somehow, the topic of high school proms came up in conversation. This is when I learned one of my friends didn’t attend her prom and her husband was hoping for an opportunity to recreate a prom night for her. Everyone knows I will use any occasion to throw a theme party, so I jumped on board.

Because I was a teenager in the 80s, (and because I sometimes miss my BIG bleached-out hair) I decided to go with an 80s prom theme.  I only invited a small handful of friends who my “game night friends” know, as to cushion the uncomfortable feeling some may have when walking into a room with their hair teased a foot high off their heads. I have no problem with any of this. The smell of aqua net takes me home again. For me, this will be a night when I can pretend I’m not 40 years old.

lrgscaleBRIBA669_fingerless_lace_gloves_800I’ve been channeling my inner teenage self while shopping for new black lace Madonna gloves, a giant bow for my hair, and neon colored jewelry. I dug out my old prom gown from my junior year.  It fits!

There are just a few minor problems with the dress…

  1. I won’t be breathing.
  2. Some body parts are undoubtedly lower than they used to be.
  3. Everything jiggles!
  4. I won’t be breathing. (I know I just told you that, but believe me when I say it is worth mentioning twice.) Notice I blame the problems on the dress, not on my body:).

But it fits!!! (Well, sort of.)

At the risk of completely ruining my credibility with you, I will post pictures in a couple of days.  This is how I am spending my weekend.  How are you spending yours?


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