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Five minute Fridays from Lisa-Jo Baker is an exercise for writers and a wonderful opportunity for bloggers to connect. I have a specified subject to write about and only five minutes to write something from the heart with no editing allowed.  Today’s subject is here

I wasn’t sure I would ever arrive here. Never completely confident I would reach this place. He told me I could do it. He whispered words of strength to my heart. He gave me peace, comfort and hope. He told me to be patient. He promised joy would come in the morning through the mourning. He spoke truth, because He is truth. He is love.

His faithfulness is why I am here. I am grateful for this place of peace, thankful for His calling on my life.  My sorrows have turned into worship, and I have handed Him my heart. He works all things together for good. I love Him. I am called according to His purpose. I want to be generous in this calling. Inside the place of this new ministry comes healing. Now that I am here I can share my message. I will continue in His hope. I am finally able to show love without the boundaries of pain.

Here is a place I can breathe freedom, show love, and share hope.

Thank you for joining me here

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