SONY DSCTen years ago my husband and I built our home. It is located on a hill with an amazing view. We live in Pennsylvania, which means in the wintertime the driveway is killer. I love to take walks around the neighborhood with the twins. Pushing a stroller up that driveway with two 30 plus pound children in it is not for the feint of heart, but when you make it to the top, beauty abounds.

In many respects life is a lot like my driveway. It is hard work to continue the climb, but when you finally reach your destination you see all the beauty of God’s great creation. However, and I actually said this in a post I wrote earlier in the week, the view during the climb can be every bit as beautiful as the view from the top.

Along the way God gives us many beautiful gifts as incentives to keep striving. Strength, endurance, and full reliance on Him are provided. He even sends rains of mercy and grace to accompany us.

Sometimes, circumstances become difficult and life becomes overwhelming. I want to encourage you to look around at your view right now, exactly where you are, and breathe it in deep. Don’t take anything for granted. Even if you aren’t anywhere close to where you want to be in life, God has a lesson plan ready for you along the way. You will learn of His unending faithfulness.  His plan is filled with lovely treasures, and you won’t only find them when you’ve reached the top. You can discover them today.

Enjoy your view, sisters!

This is a Five Minute Friday post. I’ve linked up with the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker and some other wonderful bloggers!

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