As a mother of young children I spend much of my time cleaning up messes. Everywhere I look I find more toys. This morning as I was getting ready for church I stumbled upon this…ToysInShower

I couldn’t bring myself to clean it up right away. All I could do was look at it and smile. That picture represents God’s faithfulness in my life. I went through a very long period of time not knowing if I would ever see such a sight like this again in my own home. God is faithful, friends!

The other day my husband was traveling for business. He happened to be near where we used to live in California. He visited the cemetery. CourtneyStone_W-FlowersNext month it will be 17 years since our lives were changed forever. The journey was very difficult.  And to tell you the truth, when I received the picture my husband texted me from the cemetery, I began to feel sick at my stomach all over again. A deep pain resurfaced. Questions without answers made their way to the forefront of my thoughts… What would this beautiful girl look like today? How would her voice sound? As soon as those questions began to weigh me down, I remembered this…

Psalm 92:2

To declare Your lovingkindness in the morning and Your faithfulness every night… (N.K.J.V.)

I’ve memorized this short verse and put it to work. I declare His lovingkindess in the morning, and I declare His faithfulness at night. However, my largest prayer is that I will always remember the gift of faithfulness given to me by the Creator. I don’t have to pray His faithfulness over my life, because His word tells me that He is always faithful. My prayer needs to be that I remember His faithfulness at all times.

We often overcome one difficult circumstance, praise Jesus for His faithfulness, and then when we find ourselves in the middle of the next tragedy, question if He will be faithful again.

When I first saw the above picture my old wound tried to reopen. I can’t allow that. Yes, it’s always going to hurt, but old wounds left untreated lead to infection. I don’t want infected with deep and bitter pain. I want to remember his faithfulness and declare it as victory in my life. You can do the same. It isn’t easy. It’s a process. You might even call it a journey. The terrain is usually rocky, but once you find your footing, you will realize His faithfulness and declare it with the sweet sound of victory in your voice.

You might still be in the middle of your journey. At this moment you could be waging war against unwelcome, bitter, pain. It makes you feel like a failure, you are no such thing! Remembering the faithfulness of God is a mighty weapon in the war and it will aid in the process of healing your heart.

Declare and remember His faithfulness!

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