Family road trip blog 1We survived our first day on the road! Woo hoo! Right at this moment I’m wiping my brow with relief while praising God.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s post, we are taking a family road trip from Pennsylvania to California. We have four year old twins… Yep, enough said. We also have a twenty year old son who opted to fly and meet us there. He is only going to drive home with us. I call this independence. He calls this intelligence. He loves his little brother and sister to pieces but 5,000 miles round trip is a long way with these little pumpkins.

Sam and Grace Road trip blog 2I took a few notes today while on the road. The kids said some funny things while in between Pennsylvania and Indiana, which is where we are right now.

Sam and Grace Road trip Blog 1We ended up getting a late start today, and since I only have five minutes… here is a little glimpse at how the day started.

3:30 PM – Sam and Grace: “Goodbye house.”

4:00 PM- Sam: “How much longer?”

4:21 PM – Grace: “I can’t do this much longer?”

4:28 PM – Sammy: “I miss home and all my games.”

4:33 PM – Sammy: “How many minutes away are we from Disneyland?”

6:30 PM – Grace: “Is there a shortcut to California?” Sam: “An airplane would have been a shortcut.”

Only 2,000 miles left to go!

I’m teaming up again with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five minute Friday. Today’s writing prompt was in between.  If you want to know how you can join the fun, click here.


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