Emily Freeman started a new link up. At the end of every month she writes about new things she has learned. I thought I would try it.

Family road trip blog 11. It is possible to travel cross country with four year old twins and survive!

I wasn’t sure how well I would do, or if my husband would have to look for some kind of asylum to commit me between Pennsylvania and California, but it was fine. I do however have two helpful hints.

The first would be Dramamine. God bless that little pill and whoever invented it because on the way home (Unfortunately, not on the way there.) it saved having to clean up what nobody wants to. It also stopped the risk of having the pie eating contest ramifications from the movie Stand by Me happen in real life.)

The second would be Redbox. You do not have to return a movie back to the same Redbox you’ve rented it from. This made it possible for us to rent movies the kids have never watched before and return them to different locations. We did this everyday on the trip.  It worked great and kept them glued for hours at a time. (Don’t worry; we did some flashcards and whatnot while driving also. I didn’t let their brains turn to complete mush.)

Grace at Bibbid Bobbidi Boutique2. The Princess or duchess or whatever her title, was pregnant and had the royal baby!

I know you must be thinking, “What planet does she live on?” Listen, I loved the royal wedding. I taped it. (I should say DVR’d. Uh oh, I just showed my age, and inability to properly write DVR’d the correct way. Is there a correct way?) I watched the whole event right along with the rest of the world. However, I’ve been living in a world where I’m a wife, raising twin preschoolers, have a 20 year old son, just finished an eBook, blog regularly, and well… you know. You all work hard too. Anyway, that is why I didn’t know anything about the royal baby until recently. It’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Oh, and I happen to think the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique does a fabulous job at bringing royalty to real life… My daughter thought so.

rainbow blog pic3. God Does Huge Things!

I already knew that, but He seems to continually outdo Himself, and I can’t help but share about it! I have a new eBook coming out August 20th entitled, Mercy Waits. I also have a post that will run on (in)courage at the end of the month. I’ve been through many difficult seasons, which prepared me and caused God to say, “Share your life and encourage others.” I’m doing it and He is MORE than faithful!

I would be willing to bet He is doing HUGE and AMAZING things in your life also. Your life is a gift, and He desperately wants to work through you.

So tell me… What did you learn in July?


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