MercyWaitsCover 260Hello, friends!  I hope your weekend was filled with joy and laughter. I pray grace and peace whispered to your soul as you went from soccer games to birthday parties, ballet classes and more. I know life is busy and some days it takes bravery to have the stamina we need just to tackle our schedules.

I have a question for you…

Have you been reading Mercy Waits?

In the midst of busy days and endless activities I realize reading is a luxury. I’m hoping to learn what you think of the book.

Would you mind answering a few questions for me? If you have time, you can leave a comment in the comment box, or send me and email.

  1. Mercy Waits is a 31 day devotional. What day are you currently reading?
  2. Has the book caused you to think deeper about what the mercy of God means?
  3. Has the book caused you to examine whether you freely give or withhold mercy?
  4. Do you find that the questions at the end of each day are helpful?
  5. If this devotional were available for purchase in a hard-copy, would you buy it?
  6. If you were to review the book in a few short sentences, what would you say?

Thank you so much, sweet friends! You have been incredibly supportive. I’ve been receiving beautiful emails and such kind words from you. What you say matters to me. You matter to me!

I’m praying for you today!



PS: Mercy waits has a facebook page! If you want to show your support by liking the page, click here.

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