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“Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net”

It’s no secret that I’m an anxious person. My anxieties started young. I had many unexplained fears, which would usually translate into panic and manifest physically. I had to struggle to overcome them. I still do.

The anxious part of me anticipates the worst in just about every scenario. I have a clear view of the “what ifs” in my life. Those “what ifs” do not hesitate to knock me straight on my knees in prayer. I used to loath that I process situations in this manner, but I’m learning God can use them for my good. I’m classifying them under the “All Things” category in my life.

Weaknesses are turned to strengths when Jesus is at the helm. (Tweet that)

Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. (N.K.J.V.)

I love Jesus with a passion that burns deep. I’m learning to see He is working what I used to consider the “crazy” parts of me for good. The “what ifs “of my life lead me to deeper, intimate conversations with the maker of my soul.

I have choices. I can connect to Him through my fear and allow Him to sooth me, or I can call myself crazy, belittle who I am, and dismiss the feelings while moving on without His help. I’m choosing His help.

I learned a long time ago that if I truly call Jesus Christ my Savior, then I need to actually allow Him to save me. (Tweet that)

I can’t do it myself. I have to relinquish control.

It isn’t brave to try to manage a situation by myself. However, it is brave to allow a God, sight unseen, pull the pieces of my life together and make me whole. And with Christ, the word “whole” takes on a new meaning.

Pens MugLast year, I took the twins to the store to buy a birthday gift for my husband. They chose a Pittsburgh Penguins coffee mug. When he opened it from the box it was shiny, new and pleasing to the eye. But a few days later as Paul was grabbing it from the kitchen cupboard, it dropped and the handle broke off  into a few large pieces.

He could have considered it beyond repair, but he treasured the mug his children gave him. So, in an attempt to fix it, he reached for the superglue and went to work. When it was finally put back together, each tiny line where it had once been broken showed vividly. But this made the mug even more special. Why? Because now it has a story.

The twins saw how their daddy cherished the gift they bought. He loved it enough to sit and glue those pieces back together.

There isn’t one good story worth listening to that is free from some type of turmoil. Those difficulties are what hooks the listener and makes them beg to hear the ending. A good story not only speaks of tragedy, it speaks of the “glue” that repaired what was once broken. It tells of newfound wholeness through a unique blending of scars transformed into blessings.

Allowing God to take control and heal your brokenness is what makes you unique.

Your story is a great one, and you are brave and blessed to live it! (Tweet that)

He alone can turn our weaknesses into our strengths.

In the last chapter of 1 Corinthians the apostle Paul says something powerful in the closing of his letter. I cannot think of better words to end this post than his…

1 Corinthians 16:13

Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. (N.K.J.V.)


Be brave ; be strong, friends!

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