Lamp and candle photoYou never know who is watching.

As I struggled through one doctor’s appointment after another, I was a mess. Sometimes I couldn’t breathe through the sobs to explain all the physical and emotional issues that followed the loss of Courtney. It had taken years to become pregnant again after the stillbirth, and I when I did, I suffered an early miscarriage.

Once in the midst of this, my doctor shared that she had used the story of my faith and endurance to encourage other patients. My response was, “WHAT?!” (Yep, super spiritual. I know.)

I couldn’t fathom that my story could encourage another woman. I felt only loss – my world was ripping apart at the seams, and I didn’t have the miracle for which I had been begging God.

Do you know what? I get it now. I get it because I kept going back. I didn’t give up and that inspired others.

My world was ripping apart at the seams. I’m no seamstress, but I do know that when something rips at the seams, it’s a much easier fix. It can be repaired. Jesus can take whatever has split apart in our lives and sew it right up! We might see the thread, and the process might not be neat and perfect – but that is part of the beauty. He knows we won’t be neat and perfect. We are a sinful people needing His beautifully shed crimson blood to wash over us and make us new.

The imperfections draw others to us to hear our stories. Christ uses our stories to piece others’ stories together. They need to see the thread and sometimes even the flawed stitches down the seams of our lives. He works it all together. It’s good – it’s so good!

Regardless of where you stand on the battlefield today, someone is probably watching you.

Knowing that, will you change the way you conduct your battle today?



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