Three kids photoThis morning my husband woke me with a kiss. I hadn’t slept well and for a fleeting second felt annoyed. And then I remembered what a gift it is to be truly loved.

At the end of a long day I tire of little voices full of demands. I long for the beauty of complete silence, which translates to peace. And then I’m reminded of the 15 years when tears and begging God preceded the beautiful children I have. They didn’t come easy. It was a battle. I remember what a gift it is to hear the word, “mom!shouted at me 100 times a day.

None of us are perfect. Our blessings become blurry through the details of the day. We see laundry, dusting, vacuuming, dinner preparations, wiping hands, faces, and bottoms (I’m keeping it real) along with the other chores on our lists as punishments rather than privileges.

Many years ago, I was preparing for house-guests to come visit. I was scrubbing baseboards, and clearing clutter while the Oscars were on television. I was disgusted that some women could experience luxury in ball gowns and limousines (while weighing 110 pounds) while I scrubbed floors and toilets. (NOT weighing 110 pounds) It was a spoiled attitude to have, but when exhaustion takes over we sometimes lose sight of the reasons behind what keeps us moving and working.

Besides God, I have four amazing reasons to keep balancing. Three wonderful kids and a man who, after 22 years of marriage, still makes my heart leap when he walks through the door.

If you are tired today and have a to-do list one mile long, this is for you…

  1.  You are not alone! (Whether you are a working mom, a stay at home mom, single, or married, most women are struggling with balance and doing their best.)
  2. You are appreciated! (When our kids are little they don’t have the maturity to thank us for what seems like a thankless period of time in our lives. I have 5 year old twins, but I also have a 20 year old son. He thanks me. He understands. The days of feeling unappreciated as a mom will pass, and when they do, we will all try to wish them back. It doesn’t last forever.)
  3. If you are feeling unappreciated by your husband, remember it is possible that he is going through the same trial as you! (He might be trying to balance work and home while figuring out a way to enjoy life as well. Our roles are different but both have value and often evoke the same feelings.)

Today, as I’m battling the balancing act of life, I’m forcing myself to see my housework as a privilege, not a punishment. My children and husband are irreplaceable gifts from God, and I do not want those blessings to become blurry.


Be encouraged, Ladies! We are in the trenches together. Let’s do this day with a smile and be thankful!



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