The Greatest Gift Book photoToday, I’m linking up with Emily Freeman over at her blog, Chatting at the Sky. I’m sharing what I learned in the month of November.

I’m always learning. Sometimes it’s pleasant and other times not so pleasant. It’s a journey, and one I will forever travel. The month of November was no different. Many of my lessons are what you could call a relearning of sorts. Sometimes, I need to learn the lesson more than once for it to stick. What can I say? I’m stubborn that way…

Here is a fact you might not know about me: I direct children’s choirs.

I work with a small private Christian school as well as my church. I can sometimes lose my joy of Christmas through all the stress of costumes, programs, and the inevitable vain feeling of how people will undoubtedly know how many Christmas cookies I’ve eaten due to the size of my behind, which is all the audience sees of me as I’m directing. Actually, I’m choosing to go with the Jim Gaffigan strategy: “Wear black, it’s easier than going to the gym.” So, how does this relate to what I’ve learned in November? I will tell you right now…

1. It is not about me.

Not even a little bit. From what people see to what they don’t see has a tendency to plague my mind. I cannot allow it. I do have worth, but only because Christ is worthy. I need to take the focus off myself and continually point it to Jesus. Regardless of whether I’m directing the choir, writing, speaking, or having a brief conversation with the barista at Starbucks, I need to point my life to Him and quit worrying about my imperfections. Too much focus on me leads to less focus on Him. In the words of Beth Moore, I’m ready to say, “so long” to insecurity!

2. I cannot allow fear to hold me back from what God has called me to do.

I’ve recently announced that I will be hosting a women’s retreat based on my devotional Mercy Waits. It will be a weekend of refreshing and learning how the mercy of God works in the lives of women. I was shaking in my boots when I announced it, but since then I’m watching God open doors. It’s exciting, and I will be sharing more details soon!

3. It’s not always necessary, or helpful, to say what I think.

Sometimes you can believe in something and feel compelled to shout it from the rooftops, but it doesn’t mean you should. I recently voiced my opinions about some issues. I wish I hadn’t. Not because I feel I’m wrong in my beliefs, but because there are times to speak and there are times to remain quiet, pray, and allow God to move.  Slowly but surely, I’m learning to keep my mouth shut!

Well, there you have it. Those are three major areas in which God is continually teaching me.

In honor of the beautiful month of Christmas I’m ending today’s post with a giveaway! Every Friday for the next three weeks I will be giving away a book for you to enjoy reading over the Christmas holiday!

This coming Friday, I will be giving away a copy of The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping The Full Love Story of Christmas, by Ann Voskamp!

If you want to enter to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on my blog. If you would like your entry doubled, you can subscribe to my blog! If you are already a blog subscriber and want your entry doubled, just comment and share this post on Facebook or Twitter (Let me know you shared it in your comment!)

I will be announcing the winner on Friday, December 6th!

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