Courtney Ornament photoHave your tears ever leaked out silent songs only God can hear? The kind of tears that connect your soul to His majesty and you can’t stop from pouring out praise?

Tonight, I decorated the Christmas tree in our family room. I hung a very special ornament on a tree branch. It was given to me as a gift on what would have been my daughter Courtney’s second birthday. It is a heart with her name painted on it.

There was a time when the salt from my tears would have washed against her painted name and flavored it with regret. I would have convinced myself that I had done something wrong to cause such tragedy.

But no more.

I’m free.

Now my tears are songs of worship. They have formed opuses of love that continue to resonate for a God who delivered me. You see, a memory of my daughter hangs on our Christmas tree, but because Christ hung on a tree, my daughter lives with Him in glory.

I’m claiming victory.

We’ve all been given this crazy, beautiful, gift of grace. It turns sorrow to joy and death to life. It allows love to cover and worship to pour out melodies of forgiveness and trust.

Our God is the sure hope that regardless of what we suffer, peace will follow and love will win.

With the power of His truth comes the power of victory. And it began on a tree.

Many of us will pour out silent tears this Christmas. Allow them to be victorious songs of worship. Praise Him from the place where you are, and allow His gift of grace to be your victory.







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