books for giveaway photoIt’s Five Minute Friday! And, it is the last one of 2013. To read more about Lisa-Jo Baker and a brave group of writers, click here.

Five Minute Friday: Reflect


As I set the timer for my five minutes of writing, my mind begins to reflect on the past year. I think of where I’ve been, and where I’m going. The end of every year tends to be a time of evaluation and assessing new goals for the future.

However, I must say this: the one thing about blogging is that there is a lot of talking about self. I have to use personal experience to connect to you, and over time I become tired of talking about me. Blah , blah, blah. Though my blog is a ministry and comes from a desire to encourage you, there are days I sit down and wish I could just hear about your day and what God is doing in your life. I really mean that!

Over the next few weeks through Christmas and leading into the New Year, I really want my blog to celebrate you! I want to give you some gifts! I wish I could give them to everyone who reads, I can’t.  But you can enter to win and who knows? Maybe you will!

I started this month of giveaways last week, so before I tell you about my new giveaway, I need to announce the winner of the Ann Voskamp book, The Greatest Gift.

Drum roll please… Barbie Swihart!

I’m so happy she won! Barbie writes a beautiful blog entitled, My Freshly Brewed Life. You should check it out. She also has a new book out that I cannot wait to get my hands on, Coffee Talk with Jesus!

Well, my five minutes is just about up, so I think I’m going to end up cheating this week. Sorry, Lisa-Jo. Today, I need a 10 minute Friday. (Or, maybe 15…)

sge-book-coverThis week I’m giving away a book bundle which includes three books I’ve already read or am in the middle of reading.  I love them, but I’m a book geek! If you’ve already read them, you can give them away as gifts! Trust me when I tell you they are treasures!

Are you curious to know what is in the bundle?

  1. Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle. (If you want to laugh, cry, and fall in love all over again with motherhood, then you need to read this book!)
  2. Being OK with where YOU ARE by Stacey Thacker. (Any woman who reads the title of this book alone will know she MUST read it!)
  3. A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman. (This book will literally change your thought patterns on worship, and what you have to offer to the Almighty based on what He has gifted you. Your life is art, friends! Did you know that?)
  4.  Coffee Talk with Jesus by Barbie Swihart. (I can’t wait to read this book and since she won this week, let’s just go ahead and celebrate her twice! I know we are in for a real treat!)

To enter to win, please comment on this post, if you want your entry tripled then subscribe to my blog via email. I would also be blessed if you would take time to share about the giveaway on social media. The winner will be announced next Friday, December 13th.

Thank you for reading. You are a blessing to me!

Ready, set, comment! (or subscribe… yeah, that too!)







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