Hi Friends.  Life has been a bit crazy over the last four weeks. We’ve traveled, arrived home to three sick kids, and lost our sweet grandmama. While dealing with all the craziness, I’ve fallen behind on keeping up with some events.  So, today’s post is to update you.

1. The Mercy Retreat:

I cannot find words to convey my excitement about this retreat. But you know me, I’m going to try!

We often attend large events. We travel to hear wonderful speakers, Bible teachers, and bestselling authors. I do and love it. However, I think one important factor we tend to miss out on is personal connection.

It is my goal to give women a weekend of refreshing. I want nothing more than to provide a place for women to engage with one another – to pray over and love each other through biblical encouragement.  I spend a lot of time ministering to women, and I can tell you this: We. Are. Tired.

I have this little dream that for one weekend we can put denominations aside and come together as a body of believers who stand for the truth of who Jesus is. Ladies, we are the church. We are His body. I cannot wait to stand in a room of 100 women and worship my savior. We are wives, mothers, daughters, and friends who desperately need a time to come together as sisters in Christ. My heart leaps for time in small groups and meeting so many of you for the first time face-to-face! Late night cupcakes and round the clock coffee breaks are calling my name. The Mercy Retreat is about connection. It’s going to be beautiful!

We have an amazing worship team traveling in from Valley Forge Christian College to minister to us through music while allowing us to pour our hearts out in praise to our God. You will NOT be disappointed in the lineup of speakers who are there to do nothing but serve and love you. (And I’m not saying that just because I am one of the speakers. Tee hee) The Antiochian Village Conference Center is AMAZING!  I’m a foodie and as soon as I tasted the lunch they served, especially the coconut cream pie, I was ready to sign on the dotted line.  And if you don’t eat coconut cream pie, (though I don’t understand you) there are many other options to choose from, so don’t worry!

Mercy_Retreat_PostCardThe early bird pricing expires March 31st. I encourage you to book soon before prices goes up.

I’ve been praying for the hearts of all who are attending. My knees have been bent for those who have already bought tickets, as well as those who will be joining us but haven’t purchased yet. God knows who you are and each of you are in my prayers daily!

I also want to mention that if you are unable to attend but would like to scholarship someone… There are women who have contacted me for scholarship information and would be beyond blessed to have a ticket gifted to them. If you are interested in giving, please email me at jen@agirlonthedoorstep.com

2. Go Give:

I love to give. There is great joy that comes from blessing another life. In January I began this campaign with the first prompt of “Go Give Coffee.” People all over the country were taking part in it. And one special blogger, Rachel, wrote about her story complete with pictures. You can read that here.

GoGiveButtonThe prompt for February was “Go Give an Act of Service.” This prompt was given right around the time my life turned a little upside down and though I have been “Go Giving,” I haven’t written about it yet or given a new prompt for March. So, we are going to stick with an act of service through the end of March and link up about it on March 31st. This means if you weren’t able to give an act of service in February it isn’t too late. On our Facebook page we have a wonderful story from a woman who shared her act of service. To read that click on our Go Give Community page on Facebook and look for Alane’s post.

3. The winner of the new Holley Gerth book, You’re Going to be Okay, is Katie! Congratulations! I will be emailing you shortly.

I want to end this post by saying thank you to so many of you who read every day, email when you don’t receive a post for a couple days, and pray for me regularly. You are so kind to care about me and this little blog of mine. I often receive email telling me how I encourage you, but it’s really all of you who encourage me. You take time out of your days to read my words. I’m honored. You are wonderful! May God continue to work in and through your lives… You are loved!

Be Blessed!



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