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I was told my test would become my testimony. Throughout my trial the most popular Christian saying seemed to be, “God will use this!” I would politely nod my head and smile. I was careful to put on a faith routine to make the encourager feel better about pouring into my life.  I would look inside their eyes and allow my lips to utter a resounding, “Amen!” It was fake faith at its best.

I think you feel the same at times. As I sit here behind my keyboard telling you everything will be okay and pointing you in the direction of your Bible, I bet there have been moments you’ve quickly clicked the X on the top right hand corner of your screen. I get it. It’s okay. Sometimes, everyone needs to click the X. Oftentimes, we need to “X” out everyone in order to hear the only voice that counts.

You must be thinking, “There she goes again, she is going to send us to the Bible and assure us we will make it through this mess.” If you are, you are very perceptive.

The reason I know how you feel is because I’ve been where you are. It’s true. The circumstances you are facing may look very different than mine did, but I know what it is to suffer. I understand waiting. And I more than understand the anger that comes with waiting.

Through my 15 year battle, I pretty much lived every day hoping to make it to the next without drowning in my own tears. I worked hard to take all the right steps such as read my Bible, go to church, and serve others. I sought God continuously, which is why anger would overwhelm me when it seemed as if He stood by and watched me hurt.

But do you know what? Every step I took over that 15 year period of pain, each tear and new heartbreak, led me straight into the arms of Jesus. He taught me, planted seeds of hope, and began to cultivate dreams I didn’t even know existed inside me.

And those people who worked their hardest to speak light into my life, they were right! My test has become my testimony and God did use it all for good. (Romans 8:28)

What I want to speak to you today is this: Be careful about dismissing those who speak encouragement into your life. All those people want to do is speak light into your darkness. And, if you are ever going to make it out of the darkness, you need some light!

Yes, Jesus is the light and He is the light inside the tunnel, not just at the end. However, we often live with blind faith. In the midst of despair it’s very difficult to see His light. Regardless of whether you recognize it or not, you desperately need those who care enough to speak light around you – to speak love. God will use them in your life.

I used to deafen the voices of Christian hope, because I was tired of hearing what was promised to come instead of experiencing it right at that moment. I needed more, and only God was capable of giving it.

I have some news. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, all those words spoken to me were a gift. Little by little God rained them in my heart, like grace.

Take it from me; NEVER deafen the voices of hope. He will use them to help mend your brokenness. The grace of the Lord will carry you from one day to the next. You will make it; your test will become your testimony.

Let the words of hope from precious people shine light in your life.

Tell me, do you hear the voices of hope speaking or are you guilty, like I was, of discounting their worth?

I’m praying for you!



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