I’ve never been the type of churchgoer who took a seat on any given Sunday morning, listened to the sermon, and exited the building not to be seen again until the following week. I’m not saying keeping quiet and just attending service is a bad thing. But it isn’t me.

I’ve always been the type of person who loved to meet a ministry need. If the church was looking for someone to serve then I was the woman to call. I felt challenged by it. For me, serving meant growing in any area God called me to.

And then three years ago He called me to step back and be still. There were certain things He confirmed in me, and I had no other choice. It was a very difficult season. I’m not one to stifle my gifts, but He called me to wait. And if you’ve ever waited for anything, then you know it hurts.

Through discomfort, feeling outside of my body on Sunday mornings, and combating emptiness while waiting for the next season of serving, God told me to write. Ever since I’ve started I can’t stop. I now teach a women’s Bible study and am receiving speaking invitations at various women’s events. I’m serving in areas I never imagined. And all because God said, “Wait.” If I hadn’t I wouldn’t be doing what I am now, and to be honest, I can’t think of doing anything but what I’m doing right at this moment.

Throughout my season of waiting God planted dreams. And what sometimes felt like a drought has ended up to be beautifully tilled, moist soil, which is now sprouting answers to prayers. To Him be the glory!

During my season of waiting the Lord set the word mercy on my heart and gave me a scripture to go with it.

Let not mercy and truth forsake you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart…

-Proverbs 3:3

The word mercy burned deep inside my heart and propelled me to write a 31 day devotional.  (You can receive it for free by subscribing to my blog!) And then, on the same topic, I planned a women’s retreat entitled, The Mercy Retreat.

I know God called me to plan this retreat because as soon as I began to take small steps of faith, He began opening large doors left and right. I’m looking forward to sharing a heart-to-heart weekend together where we can escape to a place of beauty and rest while learning about His mercy.

Mercy_Retreat_PostCardToday is the last day to purchase early bird tickets. I hope you will take advantage of the savings and purchase your ticket today. I cannot wait to meet you and have the privilege to encourage you in the mercy of Christ.

I want you to know that if you are in a season of waiting for the next door to open, push through the feelings of worry and discontent by allowing yourself to take a break from the struggles and pressures you’ve been facing. Recognize that it is okay to be still for awhile.

Sometimes, waiting is the next step of obedience down the path you were called to follow. (Tweet that!)

God has something wonderful for you. He has a unique plan that cannot be set into motion without you! Rest in His mercy! This morning when you opened your eyes, it was brand new! (Lamentations 3:23)

Be blessed, Friends!



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