Love dark clouds _bThere are days I want to throw something at the wall. I want to pick up an object, large and heavy, and hurl it hard and fast enough to crack the plaster. And then I remember God is slow to anger and we are to be like Him.

However, every single day, I’m watching Christians work to interpret the Word of God and it comes across as hate in the form of sharp tongued criticism. And then I remember I’m someone who works to dissect His word also. Who knows? Maybe people think the same of me.

I want to be an example for showing others the benefit of the doubt, and I myself do not want to come across looking like a hater, but I have to tell you that I’m starting to tear apart at the seams.

People are hurting. People have issues. Real. Life. Issues. Issues that turns lives upside down and brings a little bit of hell to this side of heaven. Somewhere in the world a mother will bury her child on Mother’s Day. We don’t think about that. We just want to  sit back and judge hearts. We want to examine her sin and maybe even try to determine how her sin may have led her to where she is today. As she’s standing by the grave, we are looking for chapter and verse to solidify our beliefs so we can sleep at night.

I’m concerned that love is missing from our conversations and abuse of the tongue is prevailing. I’m more than worried that people refuse to see hope through the dark clouds of sin. We are so focused on what “they” do, that we forget about what He did. Jesus. Remember Him? You know, He’s the One who suffered, bled, and died. He rose up from the grave and will forevermore have scars on His hands and feet so that we have the chance to abide with Him forever. Not so that we can slander the ones for whom He wears those scars.

And I’m not saying “we”, as in followers of Christ, should empty the truth of the word from our message. We can’t. We shouldn’t. But don’t you think we should show love with it? Don’t you think we should show the same love and grace which was shown to us when we recognized the truth of Christ? Shouldn’t the Holy Spirit be left to do the work of the Holy Spirit? Too many of us want to take His reigns and lead. And that is the scariest place any of us will ever find ourselves. We were made to follow Him.

I know this is a far cry from the posts I usually write. I’ve had a rough week with a lot of time to think. I can only tell you what Christ has done in my life and how He has changed me. I can only speak from experience when I tell you God is showing me to love well.

Listen, I hate sin and will always hate sin because it ruins lives and tightly locks the chains which can bind us. And, I’m well aware, there will be some who read this today and ask themselves, “Who is she to decide what sin is and how it leads to bondage?” Do you see why this post is tricky?

Well, I read my Bible, I take the truths from the word and what my trusted spiritual mentors teach, and I apply them to my life and belief system.

I’m certain there are people who probably wouldn’t like what I pray for them. It might be disconcerting for some if they knew I pray they would be broken free from the mold of sin they’ve settled into. That’s okay. They can pray for me any way they wish. Instead of being offended, let’s watch and see what God does. Let’s pray and allow Him, in all the power of His will, to move in our lives. Let’s get off of our pedestals and allow Christ to work.

I’m very noncontroversial. (I’m sure it doesn’t appear that way today!) Though I vote and have strong convictions, I hate political rants on social media. I hate when people call others out (always one-sided) defending a party as if they know personally and love the heart of each political figure they defend. Yuck!

More people than ever are being hurt and scarred as a result of social media because people are worried about defending politicians they don’t know, and defending a God who can defend Himself way better than any of us ever could.

So, though I’m just one girl, with one small platform and life, there is something I must say today: You are loved.

Maybe you don’t serve Jesus like I do. You are loved!

Maybe you look different than me. You are loved!

Maybe you voted for someone different than I did (look out!) You are loved!

I want to love you because Christ tells me I should. And my whole life’s goal is to please Him. If that isn’t your life’s goal – You are still loved!

There will be days in which I will fail at loving well. It’s inevitable. I will struggle with elevating certain sins one over another, and I will be convicted for showing a lack of love. I’m human. Your human. We’re. All. Human. But can’t we try to do a little better. Can’t we try to love well?

Maybe we can do this: You pray for me, I’ll pray for you, and let’s see what God does. (Tweet that.)

Do you often feel judged rather than loved?



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