Our ScarsToday is Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker and the writing prompt is close.

It’s been more than three years now since I sat down to write the first words of my book – my story, my pain, my broken pieces. Since then, I started the blog and wondered how and when I would actually be able to release it. I’m close.

Reliving the bloody battlefield moments through 15 years of miscarriage, stillbirth, and secondary infertility wasn’t an easy topic to write or share. Part of me would have loved to have swept it under the rug and not let anyone know how my heart used to beat out of rhythm. I wanted to forget that girl who cried while holding lace bonnets, never to be worn, and blue booties made only to collect tears.

But the scars of this girl were meant to shout glory to her God! I’m stepping out brave to be who He has called me. It’s worth reliving every painful reminder when there is opportunity to declare the worthy One’s healing and love.

So, if you are like me and contemplating sharing your story, be BRAVE!


Ready and


Vying for

Everything God wants to do in your heart and life.

Let your scars shout His glory! When you have nothing left to hold onto, you can always hold hope!



My Book, Nothing to Hold but Hope will be releasing July 2nd (The same day as what would have been my sweet daughter Courtney’s 18th birthday.) Keep your eyes open for more details and a book trailer, which is coming soon!

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