Isaiah 4110I’ve been dealing with a wide range of emotions lately. If I were to sum it all up in one word I would have to say, “Overwhelmed!” I’m overwhelmed.

There are people in my life for which my heart breaks right now, and I’m overwhelmed at the gravity of the situations.

I’m almost ready to release my book, and I’m overwhelmed with joy at the doors God is opening. At the same time, my heart breaks to relive my story all over again. But I know it’s worth it.

I’ve noticed that when new ministry opportunities unfold and God is moving deeply in my life, things can begin to fall apart just a little. I face opposition and scary situations, and then the breakthrough comes. And, so, I’m learning to ask God, “Okay, What can I learn from this situation, and how can I serve you better through it?”

I’ve had plenty of instances in my life when I’ve made choices that weren’t exactly what God would have wanted me to make. I’ve been too angry, too hurtful with this tongue of mine, and not grateful enough for the tiny miracles of each day. The miracles that come through the joy in a child’s face, or finding an extra dollar or two in the pocket of those old jeans.

The little things in life add beauty to the big picture. (You can tweet that.)

I’ve been guilty of becoming so caught up in the negatives that I can’t begin to see the positives. And, today, I’m saying, “Not anymore!” I refuse to overlook the good just because there might be another struggle in an area that I cannot control.

Tonight, the moon is going to be sitting high in the sky smiling down some light to help guide us. The moon is a miracle. It was created by the miracle making God.

Tomorrow morning the sun will shine and bring us warmth. The sun is a miracle. It was created by the miracle making God.

Sometime soon you will look in the mirror to either brush your hair, your teeth, or fix your makeup. And, do you know what? You will be looking at a miracle. You were created by the miracle making God. You are a God created creature of beauty and talents just waiting to be shared. Your life is not by accident. God doesn’t create accidents. You were created on purpose for a very specific purpose. Regardless of whether your entire world is falling apart or not, you have miracles for which to be thankful. Your life holds value. You have worth because He is worthy!

I want to challenge you to go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow morning asking God this question: What can I learn from my situation and how can I better serve you through it?

You are not alone. You are loved and you, my friend, are a miracle!



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