gracephotoThere is one very powerful reality which has been on my mind: we have words to speak, and those words matter. Our hearts beat to the rhythm of what our souls cry. And the actions we take based on those cries are what will make the difference in the stories of our lives.

The moments that make us whole and happy, and the moments that make us distraught will all fuel action. They will stimulate words spoken out loud for someone else to hear. We have a choice, or maybe I should say responsibility, to use our words wisely.

Recently, I’ve been asking myself how I want to be remembered. Not because I think I won’t live to grow old and gray, but because I want my life, right now where I am, to count for something beautiful. I’m fully aware that the choices I make depend on it.

I’m a passionate person. I don’t always process situations as calmly as I should, because when something matters to me I have no problem battling for it. There are times when it doesn’t appear as if I’ve won. I feel defeated and unable to bring about change in areas where I know God has called me to stand for it. It hurts. It’s disheartening. And yet my soul cries out to go where I must, even when it hurts.

So, my heart continues to beat to the rhythm of the passion where Christ has called me, and what I’ve noticed is that sometimes He closes one door and decides to swing another wide open. When one door closes it usually feels like the sting of defeat. And yet Jesus says, “Follow Me, I have something better waiting.”

Right now, in the place where you are, you might feel called to stand up for something important. God might be molding you like clay in His hands to the point where your soul cries out with passion and purpose. You might feel called to continue walking a road that seems as if doors are closing, even slamming, in your face.

Keep going, friends. Keep walking the road where He has called. When situations don’t turn out how you hoped they would, keep marching on while fighting the good fight. Don’t allow words of anger escape. They can’t be taken back. Let prayer to the living God flow out. Choose righteousness. Choose hope.

Make sure your words and actions convey how you want people to remember you. I promise that though there may be times you feel as if you are walking the road alone, you’re not. He is right beside you.

And, by the way, I’m preaching to myself right now. I hope you can gain something from it as well.



My book, Nothing to Hold but Hope, is releasing July 2nd! I will be announcing some details about it over the weekend!


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