Daniel quote blog pictureYesterday, I was in Panera Bread with my kids. As I sat enticing them to finish their food, a conversation at the next table captured my attention. Sitting next to us were two young men in their 20s who were deciding what to teach at their next faith group.

One of the young men was pouring out his heart to the other. He conveyed that he has so many unanswered questions about how God works, that it is difficult for him to answer the questions of the people he leads in the group. I thought, “Welcome to the club.”

I’ve had many questions myself, and there are gray areas I will never comprehend. I think the only difference between me and that questioning young man is life experience. I want to be careful not to say age, because there are 20-somethings and 30-somethings wiser than the 40-something typing these words. However, life experience shines bright light in dark areas.

In my 41 years on this earth, I’ve been through my share of valleys, I’ve climbed many mountains, and I’ve felt abandoned and alone. What my experience taught me is that though I may have felt alone, I never was.

I have learned to regard trust as a safe place. I have had no choice but to trust so many times that when the water is smooth sailing, I almost feel a little out of place. I’m not saying I want storms to come my way, and I’m also not saying that I look for them.

What I am saying is that I’ve learned, and am still learning, to find beauty in trusting the things I cannot see. I’ve made a conscious decision to find peace despite the answers I will never know. I’m learning to surrender my questions into the hands of a God who knows all the answers. And most importantly, I’m learning to be content with His mystery.

I can’t live my life continually asking why bad things happen to good people. I can’t question if God really exists every time there is a natural disaster or a precious child leaves this earth too soon. There are moments for that, but I can’t expect an answer. I can’t quit believing. I have to know when to say, “I will trust You anyway.”

I must choose to run to the safe haven of trust knowing that the One who expects me to reside there is working for my good. (Click to tweet.)

Daniel, while interpreting a dream, once said, “But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets…” (See Daniel 2:28) And that is the God I trust in. The One who I have hope in to reveal what is meant for me to know and to shield me from what might be too painful for me to understand.

To continually walk in trust is learning to seek a God who longs for us to search every part of Him. And sometimes that means asking Him the hard questions. For those two young men to have questions and choose to try finding answers through seeking the word of God, and talking to each other, is beautiful.

But let me ask you this… If He gave us all the answers, what would propel us to continually search inside the Creator and to explore the beauty of His life and love? What would be the reason for us to seek a God who daily walks along side us hoping we will call His name?

We need to seek Him, we need to question Him, but we also need to know when to stop and find contentment in trusting that there are answers we will never know.

Today, I ask that you consider falling in love with the mysteries of God. If you are seeking in an attempt to figure Him out… you never will. But He loves you. He loves you through the searching, through the questions, and through the silence of no answers.

Run to the safe haven of trust.



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