Sammy at Eye DoctorI took my youngest son to the eye doctor this morning. They assured me that the weak muscles in his eyes are improving and he will probably grow out of his glasses sometime between the ages of ten and fourteen.

I sat next to him as he read the chart. He is only able to read just over half of the letters before he can’t see it well. I listened to him work hard to read from left to right as he skipped letters and misread others.

I can see every letter. It makes my heart sick.

I realize there are far worse issues than a child with glasses. I tell myself this is fixable. However, as a mother, it hurts that I can see better than he does. I don’t need glasses. My almost forty-two year old eyes are faring just fine and my stomach hurts at the thought of it all. I want my child to see everything crystal clear! I want him to read the chart quickly and efficiently, succeeding in everything he does! I want his eyes to work!

So, here it is, the spiritual analogy. Did you see it coming?

Imagine how the Father feels when we don’t look upon His goodness. When we can’t read the chart of His miracles in our lives. Or, even worse, when we forget them…

We wake up every morning with new mercy and most of the time we I waste it.

I want to make right choices and so often I mess things up. The attitude of my heart and the words that escape my lips are not at all what I want them to be. I need glasses. Spiritual glasses. So, how can I get them?

Just like His mercy is new every morning, my attitude needs to be renewed. I need to remember His goodness, to choose to see His faithfulness. Life will always throw me curveballs and cause the goodness of God to become blurry. But I can do something about that. I can remember His amazing love.

Today in the ophthalmologist’s office, as I was standing next to my son watching him struggle, I could picture God standing next to me. He is the only one with a front row seat to the blurry vision of my heart that can easily lead to sin. He watches me make mistakes. And just like I was calling out to Him in my mind as my son was misreading the chart. He was sending me comfort through His Holy Spirit. Not just for that moment, but for every moment of my day.

He is doing the same for you.

Cry out to Him. Choose to remember His faithfulness so that you will be able to see His goodness with perfect vision. And then repeat the process every single day of your life.

He is there to be seen. His works. His glory. They are on display. Let’s put on our glasses, friends. Let’s read every second with clarity.







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