unique melodies_nThis morning, as I was watching a T.V. talk show, a musician took the stage. My oldest son walked in the room and said, “Isn’t it amazing how there are an unlimited amount of melodies in the world?” I pondered that for a long time.

Music is a gift. It’s miraculous how each musician can take the same notes afforded to everyone else and make something uniquely beautiful from them.

I then began thinking of mothers everywhere who are raising multiple children. They rear them all the same, yet each one is different from the other. It often strikes us as peculiar that there are no two people alike – just one God who doesn’t duplicate.

Though our traits, outside appearances, personalities, and genetics may give us similarities to other family members, each of our souls have been uniquely formed. However, He awaits holiness from all. He wants each soul to long for it – to have the need to breathe it in and out. He wants the songs of our lives to overflow with praise. And we often ask how that’s possible.

How can we pour praise when we are in the middle of troubling real life circumstances? When children are sick, when finances are dwindling, when husbands leave, and when people we love die… How?

How can we know and understand our own exclusively created callings when we are in the middle of the muck and mire? How?

And so we cry out, scream, and holler, “Jesus, where are you?” We want to offer perfect praise but feel trapped by imperfect states of affairs. We look for burning bushes, writing on the walls, and pray to dream the answers as we sleep at night. Tears flow because we don’t feel brave. Our praise is hiding somewhere deep inside unwilling to rise to the top and overflow.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

-Hebrews 11:1

Let me tell you what I’ve learned about life since serving Jesus: It’s hard.

You may feel like you have nothing to give, that isn’t true. You may feel weak instead of brave, but if you’ve been living for Christ then you are the bravest of the bunch. You’re hearing the unique melody of your life’s song and continuing to press onward.

Serving Christ is the bravest action any of us will ever take. Why? Because the air we breathe is faith-filled. It’s as if He’s taken a needle and thread and sewn His name on our souls causing us to take deep breaths of freedom and hope. And, friends, praise is nothing more than surrender. It’s humility. It’s the lifting of our hands and the sound of our voices as we each confess, “I can’t, but I know You can.” And when we learn to do that, then praise overflows… Even if it’s only one tiny trickle at a time.

Let’s pray…

Dear Jesus,

Teach us to surrender the unique melodies that play from our souls. Give us grace as we humble ourselves before You with a longing for holiness. Help us to have the fortitude to forge ahead in Your name – the only name with power. Thank You for the distinctive stamp on each life. Help us to use it in a way that honors You. We want Your will; Your way, Lord.


You have so much to offer that only you can. No matter what is happening around you, the call of God on your life cannot be disturbed. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that today.

You were created with purpose. Live it.

Before I end today, Let me share one more thing I’ve learned since serving Christ: Love and hope saturates my soul like rain, regardless of the desert I’m standing inside.

Let it rain, sweet friends!



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