I would have lost heart_nIn the middle of chaos we have a God who pursues us. When tragedy strikes and we think we’ve had all we can endure, we have a God who provides. He brings us new purpose, even in the middle of fire. There is power in His name.

We’ve been watching people we know walk through thick, dark clouds of tragedy. It’s easy to feel abandoned when horrific circumstances occur. To not be able to see in the middle of the dark, and to feel nothing but the weight of sorrow usually leads us to the center of fear.

I’m overjoyed I serve a God who continually commands, “Fear not.”

The other day I saw an Instagram picture from Ann Voskamp. It was taken from the window of an airplane. Above a blanket of thick clouds was the sun shining brightly. With the picture, she posted the words, “Above the clouds, light never stops shining.” I took a deep breath and thanked Jesus when I read that statement because truth holds those words tightly.

Light is always shining somewhere.

I’ve faced my own share of tragedy; I know what it is to hurt – to feel it so deep inside that my bones ached. And To actually feel the slight break of the human heart as grief penetrates it can lead not only to brokenness, but also bitterness.

Brokenness propels us to find the light, bitterness shackles us to the dark. (tweet that)

My first thought is to tell you that I’m in a season of deep prayer for so many who are hurting, but the truth is, prayer should never be for just a season. Regardless of whether we are facing the blessing of abundance or despair that comes from the lowest of places, our prayer life must stay consistent.

The consistency of a prosperous prayer life leads to an overflow of the Holy Spirit.

May our brokenness lead us straight into the arms of Jesus. And may we stay consistent in prayer as if it’s our mission – to help strengthen others and to send praise from our lips up to the heavens. May our voices echo throughout eternity, and may joy overflow even when we can’t see light. Because, after all, even if we can’t see it, it’s shining somewhere.






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