blackberriesI’ve been thinking about the requirement of comfort. Have you ever thought of comfort as a requirement? Our souls are in need of God to pick up the pieces. I’m sure we are designed that way.

Those of us who are constantly seeking Christ are expecting Him to show up and answer prayers, take away pain , and wipe tears no one else can.

Last Sunday morning I was asked to sing special music at my church. As I sat down at the keyboard and adjusted my microphone, I felt a nudging to speak a word. I needed to explain the song I was about to sing and discuss what brought me to a place of surrender. A place where I could finally confess, “It is well.”

I began by saying that the last year has been the hardest of my life, and, friend, it has. I talked about how in nearly twenty-four years of marriage my husband and I have had to endure a lot, but this has been different. It’s been so painful, and I’ve had a much more difficult time bouncing back.

Paul is an incredible support to me. He loves me, comforts me, and gives me all he has. Over the last year I’ve watched him pour himself out to me in ways of support that I didn’t know existed. And much of the time, I had been simultaneously praying that God would answer my prayers, soothe me, and heal my grief.

He was. Inside the arms of my husband.

I think that sometimes we are so caught up in the big giant signs and wonders that we miss the comfort of the moment. The nights I cry and he prays out loud for me , the moments he holds me in his arms and won’t let go until the tears dry. I’ve taken much of it for granted, but the truth is I’ve seen God work for me through him.

I’ve learned that receiving love from others is somehow proof of a loving God.

I’ve seen God move through my friends as they’ve offered advice and tender words of hope. I’ve received beautiful emails from readers as they’ve read about my struggles with grief. Even though I’ve tended to retreat in many areas, I’ve been healing slowly from the love given to me by others. And I have no doubt that God has placed each person in my life for a specific purpose.

Friend, if you are grieving and begging God to comfort your soul and give you relief, I want to encourage you to open your eyes to the love around you. The warmth, kindness, and giving nature of those who are willing to invest in our lives are usually sent by a God who is working slowly and perfectly to repair every broken place.

Whoever your community of comfort is, embrace them, love them, and thank God for them. He is working for you, and He will NEVER stop.

You are so loved.

Take comfort in that.





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