He was an infant with no real future, destined for death from a culture of hate, but God had other plans. It was no coincidence she was there that day – the woman on the opposite side, the one who suddenly found herself with a compassion-filled heart. She sent her maid to draw a basket out of the water, never knowing she would be an intricate piece of the exodus.

On the second Sunday of Advent comes the lighting of the peace candle. Can you fathom how much peace we could have if our hearts softened to that which isn’t meant to be understood? What would life look like if we could all reach into the water and rescue someone?

God used pharaoh’s daughter to have compassion on a little life who would eventually lead the Hebrews. He had plans for Moses, and even though there was an internal struggle raging inside him, God knew exactly where Moses needed to be in order to lead a people where they were destined to go.

It’s true that most of us probably will not be called to rescue large numbers of people from an oppressed land. However, I guarantee each and every one of us are called to help someone out of wherever their oppressed land might be. And don’t be fooled, the person you’re called to draw out of the water might live in the fanciest neighborhood around and still be drowning. Or, maybe you are called to help someone completely different from you. Perhaps they’re a different color, a different religion, maybe they’re just plain different…

Do You know fear often locks the gate where love is commanded to pour? (Tweet that)

Regardless of your circumstance, do not be afraid! We have more influence than we know and are all called to do something, to help someone, to love. Even when people look different and society dictates injustice and hate we are all sent to love. We were made for love.

With each new day throughout this advent season, we are approaching a hope-filled celebration. It’s time to focus, with humility, on the compassionate heart of our Father God who sent His only Son to draw us out of the water. Let’s rejoice in the hope of His saving grace and contribute by drawing others out with love, hope, and dare I say… peace.

Hope is coming!



To find out more about the story of Moses, begin by reading Exodus chapter two.

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