Facing Infertility and Loss at Christmastime

Hello Friend. As you know, I started my ministry to women because of a long, hard-fought battle with secondary infertility. Christmas can be a difficult time for those praying desperately for a child. So much of Christmas is focused on children and family that I can almost hear the sounds of hearts breaking everywhere over loss felt from the emptiness of gifts around trees, and seats around dinner tables.

I not only longed to have another child, but I lost a baby girl to stillbirth and suffered five miscarriages along the way. So, for me, the empty spaces at Christmas wasn’t just about the hoping and waiting for those who might one day fill those places, but for those I knew never would – those who were already in their eternal home.

Today, I’m being interviewed on Lisa’s blog. She has a beautiful story and has also fought long and hard. I’m honored to be featured there sharing about hope and why it’s so important to hold tightly to it.

Will you join me?

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