Stillness Requires a Heart Willing to RespondAs people, and especially as children of God, we tend to have a misconception that we should be able to hold everything together. We think the only way to be still is to have each issue in life under control, and there is pressure in thinking that other people need to see our lives orderly and “perfect.” If anything, this thinking will lead to disappointment and eventually disaster.

Just in case you are juggling a million different concerns right now, let me remind you something that I’m sure you already know deep down: you cannot handle everything; you aren’t meant to and that’s perfectly alright. The key is knowing to surrender all things to the only One who can.

It’s humanly impossible to fix everything, have wisdom on every issue, and know exactly what to do at all times. This is why we must yield the contents of our lives to Jesus.

I’ve fought for control, and I know from experience that it doesn’t work. Honestly, the closer I am to Jesus, the more I’ve learned I don’t want the responsibility of control. I will never be able to paint the picture of my life nearly as beautiful as He can.

When we were trying to have another child, my number one problem was control. Selfishness was never my intention, but I learned that to try to control anything comes from a root of selfishness. Thinking I’m better to handle a situation than someone else, especially God, is selfish. It took me a very long time to realize that.

It’s never too late to hand everything in your life to Jesus. And I’m not talking only about difficulties, I’m also talking about the beautiful things in life . Even our joy needs to be given to Jesus, it’s then we can experience the fullness of it.

Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved

-Psalm 55:22

Stillness and control are incompatible. If peace is the goal, there isn’t room for both. So, if you want to be still, you’ll need to cast your burden.



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